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Meet Sheri

Guiding, supporting and inspiring you and your family to live

happy, healthy and fulfilled lives.

Hello! Thank you for your interest in learning more about myself and how I can help facilitate your best health.

My name is Sheri, the owner and founder of Milton Osteopathy and Wellness. My interest in health and fitness began 20 years ago with one of my most loved jobs - an aquafit and swimming instructor. Over the four years working in the aquatic industry, my love for teaching and fitness developed and I found an interest in human movement and exercise. I moved on to receive my certification as a personal trainer. Having the opportunity to work in a variety of studios and gyms across the GTA, I acquired a wide range of experience helping people of all ages and abilities with their exercise goals. Moving out of my comfort zone, I went out on my own and tried life as an entrepreneur.  With 16 years under my belt, I have successfully run two businesses (personal training and first aid) which have given me a wealth of experience and joy. I still felt there was something missing in my career. So I kept "digging on."

Baby Osteopathy
Sheri D. Medina
Osteopathic Practitioner

Specialty Areas;

  • Scars and adhesions from surgery (caesarean, laproscopic surgeries)

  • Brain-Body Approach to mental/emotional health challenges (sleep disturbances, panic attacks, trauma) 

  • Hypermobility spectrum disorders (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, joint and soft tissue hypermobility)

  • Cranial Pain (dental surgeries, orthodontic treatment, TMJ/D jaw pain, headaches)  

  • Breathing Dysfunctions (asthma, anxiety, nasal blockages)


Milton Osteopathy & Wellness continues to grow through the understanding that pain means something just a little different to each person. Each of us has our own unique story and often there are similar physical attributes that show me patterns. I take the time to learn and understand how each puzzle piece interconnects and how many ways it can fit together. While some patients need a few treatments to get them back to their normal, some need a collaborative approach that encompasses more than just treatment. Osteopathic treatment is one tool in my tool box of helping improve the health and lifestyle of the people I work with. In building relationships, I'm able to help facilitate a plan that has options for my patients to choose from, giving them control that they often feel they've lost throughout the quest for pain relief.

Pain is a signal from the brain that something, somewhere isn't quite right. The challenge with pain is that the area that's "doing the talking", is often not the only area in distress. When a body is overwhelmed due to internal and external inputs, the body produces symptoms to alert us that something needs to change. Oftentimes, we ignore the signs and only respond when it gets bad enough. This means that the body has had to compensate EVERY TIME we've brushed it away to continue with our day. Often our biggest blockage is often ourselves. Working through a trauma-informed lens, my patients learn how the layers of their injuries and lifestyle habits have contributed to their pain. 

Not all patients I work with, have physical pain such as a sore back or knee pain. Some come in for treatment to help with digestive issues or to improve their pelvic floor function to help with bladder leakage/constipation/neck pain. My treatment style is dynamic, it morphs with patients as they change and improve. There are no algorithms that are step by step but rather a sound assessment both actively and passively that offers objective feedback to work from. My fine palpation skills offer gentle, effective treatment for the most sore or injured of all ages. Firm and direct approaches are also utilized when necessary.   

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you -  for being an amazing osteopath and thank you for listening to all my wild stories."

Elizabeth A.

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