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Frequent Questions Answered!

What are your fees?

Initial Assessment Visit

75 minutes

$150 +hst

Subsequent Visit

60 minutes

$135 +hst

Subsequent Visit

30 minutes

$80 +hst

Complimentary Chats

Having a conversation will give you the opportunity to see if myself and osteopathy are what you are looking for. Let me help you find the answers to questions you might not have thought of in the first place! No obligation to book.  

Your First Visit

You'll be required to fill out a health history prior to this visit. (Parents will be required to fill out a separate form for their child(ren) who are being treated.)


During your first visit, we talk. You're given time to share what you'd like with me about your past and present symptoms. Whether you've seen numerous practitioners and doctors or if I'm the first, your story will have a change to be told.


Be sure to bring a copy of relevant medical records and/or imaging reports with you to this visit.


A hands on assessment will be done to your joints and tissues to help evaluate areas that maybe involved with your pain symptoms. Once I have a structural diagnosis from assessing active and passive movements is complete, I start connecting the dots and create a picture of the imbalances and how they may be contributing to your issues.

Subsequent Treatments

All follow up treatments will consist of a discussion about progress and reason for the visit. An assessment will be done each visit for me to gauge how the body is integrating prior treatments. Depending on the body's needs, treatments may be scheduled one every week at the start to allow for correction and reinforcement to take place. However, the goal is to spread them out to give the body time to heal and allow the treatment to do its work. We will discuss the following and create a treatment plan together. 

How many treatments will be needed?

There's not a set number of treatments as every patient requires a unique combination of treatment, movement and rest. After your initial visit, 2-3 treatments are booked 1-2 weeks apart. Modifications are made as progression and set-backs occur. Some conditions/symptoms respond quicker to treatment, while others need more time to adjust to the changes. There are things that influence your treatment plan and most have to do with your daily habits. For example, your diet, current medications, how active you are (too much/little), your profession and personal activities, activities of daily living along with stress and sleep habits. Other factors that play a role in results are; how long it's been there, your constitution (how well your body is able to compensate for dysfunctions and adapt to the changes brought on by treatment) and how much you are open to making small modifications and changes to your current lifestyle. 

What do I wear?

Please come wearing your most comfortable clothes! Not only will this allow for easy movement, but you will be relaxed too. Jogging/yoga pants and t-shirt with socked feet is common attire for your treatment. All treatments are performed fully clothed. Scar tissue work may required direct skin contact and consent will be obtain.

How will I feel after treatment?

You may experience some minor discomfort or aggravation of your symptoms in the first 24-72 hours. When change occurs within the body, it has to incorporate the new position often asking muscles that haven't been doing their job to work again. You know your body best so if you're concerned about what you are experiencing, let me know - I'm open to a conversation to help you feel safe and comfortable. 

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