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What is Osteopathy?!?

It is a best kept secret! While it's been around since the 1800's, some people aren't familiar with osteopathy and its multitude of health benefits. Osteopathy is a great option to help manage and resolve both acute and chronic pain and common symptoms. Help me spread the news!

What is osteopathy [OST] + [EE] + [OP] + [UH] + [THEE]?

Osteopathy is a complementary manual therapy that works alongside conventional medicine allowing for optimal healthcare. Osteopathic Practitioners have exceptional palpatory skills where a variety of hands-on techniques help encourage movement in joints and soft tissue by removing restrictions and restoring blood flow where it was lost. The goal is to provide adequate change in alignment while maintaining stability in the musculoskeletal system to integrate the changes without further pain or compensation. With a non-invasive approach to treating the body, osteopathy is a great choice for all ages. 

Osteopathy was founded on the understanding that there is an interconnection of all parts of the body both inside and outside. It looks at how they work closely together through anatomical and physiological teamwork. Osteopathy is an art as much as it is a science. Treatment uses the body's muscles and bones to create a balance of tension throughout. My treatments have a creative flow and intuitive nature that allows me to feel subtle changes that may get overlooked. Treatments are beneficial for patients who have been through surgeries, physical and mental trauma, for babies and young children along with chronic illnesses. 

Osteopathy appreciates the INTERCONNECTION of all the outside and inside parts that make us function.
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