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Scar Tissue Mobilization

Helping people find relief for

Persistent Pain through


Soft Tissue Myofascial Treatments

Specializing in Scar Tissue Mobilization

from a 

Trauma-Informed Perspective

A Promise to You


Quality Personal Service

 Getting to know you by listening and understanding your story.

Finding options that give you the best solutions to help you feel your best.

Visits offer enough time for health updates, goal setting, assessing and treatment. 

Working with PEOPLE Not Just Bodies

Since pain is multifaceted, your treatment should be too! 

Understanding that there are layers and root cause(s) to pain, gives treatments a jump start on

helping uncovered solutions to YOUR pain. 

Experience and Education

Personal experience, education and compassion. Books and academia only take you so far.

Clinical, hands-on experience with a SMILE - that's what brings it all together.

Exercise & Movement Education Programs

Exercise prescription & movement reintegration will teach you how to move better throughout your day. Helping you LEARN how to move so you're not scared to be active!

Patient Education - Helping you, help yourself

No two bodies are the same. Therefore no two treatments or exercise programs should be either.

While following the anatomy through joint mechanics and combining it with YOUR body's movement patterns, allows for safe improvement with strength gains. Come and learn, it'll be great!

Visceral Abdominal Therapy

Learn NOW so you don't HURT tomorrow!

Soft tissue mobilization encourages movement between the layers of the skin, fascia and muscles. Once movement is restored, pain, tightness and itchiness are improved.

Helping treat pain that hasn't had success with other therapies.

Working WITH the body to facilitate results.

A CATALYST to optimal health.

Services for Holistic Healthcare

Facilitating healing through Bodywork,

Movement Therapy and Mindfulness.

Why Choose Milton Osteopathy & Wellness



Let me help you sort through all the information on social media to find the best approach for YOUR situation. 

LEARN the "why's" and "how's" of programs and exercises you're choosing to do. Gain the knowledge to have the confidence to know when to "push through" or "modify". Sometimes, rest is best. Sometimes, a simple walk with some music is just perfect!

It's hard to motivate yourself to move if you are fearful that your exercises are part of what's causing your pain in the first place.

Knowledge is Power!



Compassion goes a long way when dealing with pain. Understanding that pain isn't something we can see but only something we can empathize with. While "pain scales" may help with learning YOUR pain threshold, it truly cannot be assessed by a tool or machine.

Pain is tiring. Pain is frustrating. But being heard means so much especially if you've seen every doctor, specialist or practitioner. With the understanding that the "mind and body" work synergistically, we often find the missing piece! 

Collaboration is always a welcomed option for patients. 


More Than Just Manual 


We work together to find realistic, manageable modifications and positive additions to your already BUSY life.

Osteopathy is only one component of treatment I use in clinic to help you. Utilizing my 20 years of experience with exercise and rehabilitation, I have the knowledge to help teach you, one on one, how to move with confidence. 

Pain is a signal that something isn't right. This signal in the brain, tells the body to move AROUND THE PAIN so it no longer has to process the sensation. This is often what is causing the trouble and it can have a cascade effect throughout the body. 

osteopath health coach milton ontario

"I am so grateful to Sheri for the amazing care she has provided to me. Receiving treatments from Sheri has quite literally turned my life around and is getting back on track. Sheri has helped me gently but effectively heal from the pain and trauma experienced from a car accident. I’ve learned so much from Sheri and am thrilled to be heading in a direction of full recovery, both physically and mentally. Words alone cannot express what she has been able to give back to my life."

Livia B.

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