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Helping you heal,  
for pain-free living.

Remove Restriction

Osteopathic treatments help to remove tension in muscles and joints reducing pain and stiffness.

Restore Motion

Osteopathy assists in re-establishing optimal

movement in the body which reduces pain and inflammation throughout.

Provide Stability

Providing stability in the musculoskeletal system allowing for safe integration for optimal healing.


Quality Personal Service

 Getting to know you. Listening and understanding your story. Being apart of your health team. Finding solutions and giving options to help you feel your best. Visits offer ENOUGH TIME for health updates, goal setting, assessing and treatment. 

Treating PEOPLE Not Just Bodies

Since pain is multi-faceted, your treatment should be too! 

Understanding that there are layers and "root cause(s)" to pain gives treatments a jump start on helping uncovered solutions to YOUR pain. 

Experience and Education

Personal experience, education and compassion. Books and academia only take you so far. Clinical, hands-on experience with a smile - that's what brings it all together.

Areas of Focus and Expertise 

Exercise prescription (program design), movement therapy, soft tissue treatment (myofascial release, fascial scar tissue), PATIENT EDUCATION. Help you, help yourself!

Osteopathic treatments promote and encourage healing through non-invasive, hands-on therapy.

Working WITH the body to facilitate and deliver results.

A CATALYST to optimal health.

Learn how osteopathy can help!




Crainiofacial Treatment 


Crainiofacial refers to the bones of the head and face. Patient who experience pain from headaches/migraines, TMJ/D jaw pain or conditions such as vertigo, tinnitus, dizziness can benefit from osteopathic treatment where craniosacral approaches are effective. 

Children often experience pain & discomfort when going through orthodontic treatment with braces or other appliances that help to improve the aesthetics of the teeth. Improved function of the jaw and tongue can improve breathing (sleep disordered breathing; sleep apnea, bruxsium (teeth grinding/clenching) as well. 


Pre & Postnatal Pelvic Health

Osteopathic treatment can help with pain associated with common discomforts of pregnancy and postpartum recovery. Conditions such as; abdominal separation (diastasis recti), painful intercourse, tailbone and/or pubic bone pain, bladder and/or bowel challenges (incontinence; overactive, stress) can be managed with osteopathy and restorative exercises.


Scar Tissue Mobilization


Treating old & new scars, small and large to remove restriction in superficial and deep tissues.

Scars from surgeries such as cesarean sections, laparoscopic (appendectomy, cyst/stones/fibroid removal, hernia repair, etc. 

Gentle, oil-free hands-on therapy is used to help free up scars from any surgeries and injuries (burns, falls etc.)

Trauma-informed practitioner helps with possible underlying emotional experiences. 

Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder.png

Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders

Hypermobility can be grouped into a variety of different diagnoses such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Marfan syndrome, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), etc.


These conditions affect the connective tissue in the body creating joint instability, chronic pain and fatigue. 


Abdominal / Visceral Therapy


Osteopathic treatment can offer relief for symptoms of digestive disturbances such as constipation, IBS/D, crohn's etc.

Whether it's a food sensitivity, anxiety/depression, inflammation or previous surgeries, treatment can be one component in helping manage symptoms while having the end goal of resolution. Treatments include breath work techniques.




Scoliosis can be defined as twists and curves in the spine creating an "S" or "C" shape. While most cases are idiopathic (unknown cause), some are congenital (from birth) while others are a result of other conditions.

Osteopathic treatment helps determine if the scoliosis is functional vs structural. Once observed, appropriate treatment will be . 

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