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What osteopathy means to me - a whole person perspective

Just like we all have individual personalities, practitioners have their own style, their own take on the modality they use and how they help people. Through educational and personal experiences, practitioners develop their approach on what they feel each patient requires to heal and improve their health.  


So, my style is a continuation of my personality. It's firm when required but gentle in most cases working with the concerns present, both in body and mind. My understanding of how the body moves (anatomy) and how the body completes daily functions (physiology) are wrapped and intertwined in a creative process that allows my best work to be accomplished.

I love having options when it comes to just about anything in my life. I like to feel that I have the ability to educate myself and to make the best decision that works for me. I pride myself on helping you by giving you the power to chose. YOU make the final decision in what your body needs. That being said, sometime we don't know what we need. You might be in a spot where you've tried many different avenues that leave you feeling helpless. In my practice you are given time, you are provided a life raft of guidance. One step at a time, you will find relief and the confidence in yourself to make choices again.

Less is ALWAYS more. Meaning, give yourself time to pause, feel and acknowledge. It's not about doing less, it's about being in the moment......just for a moment.


Give your body just the right amount of new information to sort through - it will heal faster.

Give your body too much? It won't know what to do with everything that was thrown at it and compensations develop to maintain balance (structurally and physiologically)

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