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Areas of Focus

Gentle, effective, hands-on treatment at every visit.

Always one-on-one with the Practitioner.

A clinical focus allows for in-depth education and learning that enables proficiency of particular areas offering optimal results in health.

Persistent Pain


Have you tried EVERYTHING and nothing seems to keep your pain at bay? Do you get relief for a period of time and then "out of nowhere", it's back? Are you tired and frustrated? Have you had all the medical tests performed and everything is "fine"? ​

Often there's something being over-looked and it many times, isn't a physical component. Working within a trauma-informed lens, we delve (only as deep as necessary) to find your "missing link".

  • Complex pain & pain in multiple areas 

  • ​Stress & anxiety

  • Central sensitization

  • Hypermobility disorders

  • Proprioception and interoception dysfunctions

Scar Tissue


Sometime surgery is required to keep us moving or functioning. Or sometimes it's the safest way for your baby to join. Whatever the reason for your scar(s), know that you will be treated with compassion and understanding with the education to help yourself at home. Your body has went through both a physical and emotional experience and needs appropriate protocols to heal safely.

Offering both hands-on mobilization (myofascial) therapy along with the option to experience microcurrent point stimulation (MPS Therapy). Working on both the appearance and function of the tissue, your scar tissue will have the ability to improve and change through this treatments applications.

Pre & Postpartum


Empathy by definition means, "the ability to understand and share the feelings of another."

I'm here to help answer questions you didn't know you had.

I'm here to teach you thinking I only wish I knew sooner.

Helping moms out of survival mode so that they can enjoy their baby and not miss memorable moments due to overwhelm. My own journey combined with my commitment for continued learning, my 20 years of movement experience and hands-on therapy has given me a realistic, effective approach to helping mothers heal. 

Visit for more information.

"I just wanted to let you know that my pain is 95% gone. Thank you so much for what you do! See you soon!"
~ Jennifer ~
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