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Sheri D. Medina
Osteopathic Pracitioner

Hello! Thank you for your interest in learning more about myself and how I can help facilitate your best health.

My name is Sheri, the owner and founder of Milton Osteopathy and Wellness. My interest in health and fitness began 20 years ago with one of my most loved jobs - an aquafit and swimming instructor. Over the four years working in the aquatic industry, my love for teaching and fitness developed and I found an interest in human movement and exercise. I moved on to receive my certification as a personal trainer. Having the opportunity to work in a variety of studios and gyms across the GTA, I acquired a wide range of experience helping people of all ages and abilities with their exercise goals. Moving out of my comfort zone, I went out on my own and tried life as an entrepreneur.  With 14 years under my belt, I had successfully run two businesses but I still felt there was something missing in my career. So I kept "digging on."

Sheri Medina Osteopath Practitioner

Guiding, supporting and inspiring you to find your blend of health.

After having lunch with a friend and fellow osteopathic practitioner, I received the encouragement needed to take another leap of faith. I decided to go back to school. With an enormous amount of support from my husband, I embarked on furthering my education in a tumultuous 4 year Master's Program in Osteopathy. Through the ups and downs of personal and academic life over the years, I found a strength and perseverance I only wish I had known years ago. Over the years, I have developed my style as a practitioner that combines my experience in human movement along with manual skills that offer a relaxing, subtle and effective relief to pain while promoting overall health. Combining both the science (anatomy, physiology) and art (intuition, self-trust), you’ll be sure to have a unique experience every time.  

While some get into the field because they were touched by osteopathy in a personal way, this wasn't the case for me. I knew instinctively (along with a fair amount of research) that this was what I was meant to do. I already lived by all the principles that make osteopathy what it is, so it was easy for me to see THIS was the missing link that had finally found ME.

Areas of Focus

Scars and Adhesions  

Brain-Body Approach to Pain 
Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders 
Pre & Postpartum Wellness
"Please know that I would not be standing in my strength nor would be as far along without your kindness, support and guidance. For walking that journey with me, I cannot thank you enough."
~ Alice ~
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