Why Milton Osteopathy?


Why Visit Milton Osteopathy?

  • Classically trained in principles-based osteopathic treatments that seeks to find the cause of the pain while addressing the area where the pain is presenting.

  • Providing patient-centered, progressive care for people of all ages - Whole Family, Whole Health.

  • Non-invasive, subtle and effective treatment styles are used to work with people of all ages and stages of life. 

  • Individualized approach during each appointment through objective assessment and treatment protocols and techniques build confidence within your body, inside and out.

  • Educating you! through functional movements and exercise to ensure long term success through strengthening programs. 

  • Working with allied health professionals to offer an integrative approach to your health for safe and effective healthcare solutions.

  • A "practice-what-I-preach" practitioner. Rest assure, EVERYTHING I recommend, advice or suggest for you to try - I've done or am doing myself. I see an Osteopathic Practitioner to ensure my health and energy are on point for me to be strong, focused and happy person on your health team.

  • A conscious recognition of the mental-emotional component to pain, offering a truly holistic approach to all types of pain.