S.O.S (Sheri On-Site) Therapy

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S.O.S (Sheri On-Site!) Therapy 


With a background in teaching first aid courses and personal training in-home, I understand the convenience of someone coming to you.


If you find yourself rushing to and from work, picking up your kids from school, immunocompromised or to ill to drive, this might be an option for you.

This service is offered on Fridays only at this time. Booking can be done through the booking site or email and phone.

The cost for an in-home visit is $140 per treatment.

($50 paid in advance to reserve your treatment time, $90 paid after treatment)

(No additional fee for initial visit. HST and mileage included within Milton)

Receipts are provided for end of year taxes or extended health submissions.

Corporate offerings available. Contact to inquire about booking options. 


COVID-19 protocols are followed to ensure both practitioner and patient(s) safety at all times. A change of clothes, gloves and face-shield are further options taken to help with the comfort of immunocompromised individuals. 

Questions??? Contact me at 905-699-8648 or hello@miltonosteopathy.ca

Osteopathy Delivered - to your door!