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Who is Sheri and how does she help?

Osteopathy is a continuation of my personality, really. Osteopathic treatments are performed with a gentle approach that are full of intentions. Osteopathy is a great option for those experiencing acute pain from......shoveling snow or falling on ice! Treatments also help with chronic pain such as fibromyalgia or focal pain from scars from surgeries or migraines and arthritic conditions.

Over the years of practice, I've developed (and continue to develop) gentle palpation skills that allow me to treat infants, children and those who are very sensitive to touch. Treatments can help with health concerns such as; feeding and sleeping difficulties, sports related injuries or simple falls off the couch, digestive and reflux issues, arthritic conditions and MS. With the knowledge and understanding not only of the physical attributes to pain but the emotional connections, this provides my patients a truly holistic approach to health care.

My goal of treatment?

Is to facilitate the healing process - I don’t “fix you” as you are not broken.

Once we go through a manual assessment in conjunction with a health history discussion, I put all those pieces of YOUR puzzle together to formulate the best way to help your body heal. The body can only accommodate for so many physical and mental challenges thrown at it before something goes awry. Sometimes it comes in the form of a sore shoulder or back and other times it shows itself as a physiological symptom such as headaches, insomnia or digestive disturbances.

Treatment is cumulative in nature. Each treatment builds on the next as your body begins to adapt to the changes. The body works together in unison, not in isolation and treatment is applied with that understanding allowing for safe, effective and long-term results.

It took your body time to respond to all the demands put upon it, it may have gotten tired. Give it some time to re-learn how to be happy again.

Online booking available. Click HERE

Questions??? Give me a call or send an email and I'll provide you with the answers you are seeking to decide if osteopathy (and me) are right for you. 905-699-8648

~ Sheri ~


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