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Understanding Osteopathy #1

The bottom line of osteopathy, if I may put it so simply, is to help the body function the way it was intended. When bones and tissues are aligned, the body will work best.

Just like a car. If you drive around long enough with a flat tire, it will create wear and tear in other areas that will then need to be repaired. If you don't change the oil, the car won't function optimally.......similar to the human body.

Stress (mental/emotional and physical), creates challenges for the body. The body then has to compensate to maintain homeostasis (maintaining stability in an every changing environment.) If these restrictions/conditions ("frozen shoulder", "IBS" etc) are left long enough, they (can) become permanent. This makes the body work harder than it should have to. Then the daily functions that should be rather simple to perform, require more effort and energy. The body now has less energy for overall health and uses its' resources on repairing and "balancing the plates" of dysfunction.

Stay tuned to learn what tools or applications of techniques can be used during treatment to help your body improve its health.

~ Sheri


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