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Pictures that "talk".

While at first glance, this "Before & After" picture looks like it's showing weight loss results from a diet and exercise program was actually taken on the same day after a 30 minute treatment.

I've never been one for Before & After pictures whether for aesthetics or even in school for osteopathy.

Health is SO MUCH MORE than pounds and inches.

Fitness pictures can't measure strength gains, blood pressure improvements, sleep quality, happiness, etc.

Osteopathic Treatment pictures can't measure blood pressure improvements, sleep quality, happiness OR decreased pain, improved motion in joints.

Not every patient I see will have results like this and some will have more static changes. Each treatment requires a little something different as does each patient.

(What am I looking at?

Comparing; the shoulders, the arms/hands, the legs are closer together in the after picture letting me know the patient is/feels more stable and balanced in his footing.)



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