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Offering a variety of services to people of all ages. Individualized approach to ensure a safe, effective and holistic approach to health care.



Osteopathy is a complementary therapy working alongside conventional medicine allowing for optimal healthcare for individuals of all levels of well-being. 

By using a variety of hands-on techniques, osteopathic treatment helps encourage movement in joints and soft tissue by removing restrictions and restoring blood flow where it was lost. With a non-invasive approach to treating the body, osteopathy is a great choice for all ages. 

Osteopathy was founded on the understanding that there is an interconnection of anatomy and physiology and it looks at how they work closely together. When something isn’t working as it should, something else has to compensate and help out, this makes the body work harder than it should. When your energy is dedicated to these "compensatory patterns," your health in other areas takes a back seat. Osteopathy brings balance to allow for all systems to function optimally. 


Kinesio Taping

Milton Osteopathy and Wellness includes the use of kinesio taping to allow for further support during specific times of your treatment plan. It is not a one-size-fits-all option and often not necessary for your return to sport of pain-free living. 

This is a (proprioceptive feedback) tool and when used properly, with knowledge of its purpose, can be helpful for your healing process.


Movement Therapy

Does your body hurt doing daily tasks?

Do you live with chronic pain? 

Do you wake up stiff?


The first step in successful exercising is LEARNING HOW TO MOVE! In this learning phase, there is retraining that takes place to unlearn unfavourable movement patterns.


Movement therapy is offered to provide education on basic health and exercise fundamentals by bringing awareness to conscious movement and breath. This (re)training allows for optimal results when combined with osteopathic treatment.  

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Personal Training

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with all the different fitness programs?

Do you get hurt when starting to exercise, then give up because of it?


We often get side tracked with "weight loss" and end up hurting ourselves trying to do too much too soon but with my guidance, you will learn how to strengthen your body from the inside out.


Setting realistic goals and providing you with challenging but maintainable programs, you will have a newly found confidence in your body. Choosing exercises that work with your fitness level and lifestyle makes for manageable and realistic goals.


Home Visits

If you find yourself rushing to and from work,

picking up your kids from school,

immunocompromised or to can't drive,

this might be an option for you.

This service is offered to Milton residents only. A minimum of 2 treatments per visit required. A receipt will be emailed to you for end of year taxes or extended health submissions.

Osteopathic treatment, movement therapy and personal training available for mobile / in-home services. 



Conscious breathing techniques to help with physical and mental blockages.

Learning in a safe, comfortable environment to then be able to practice in your own time.

Adding conscious breath during mindful movements! Helping your body to learn how to relax on it's own.

Patrick McKeown

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