Movement Therapy

Movement Therapy Sheri Medina

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with all the different fitness programs?

Does your body hurt doing daily tasks, exercise or sports?

Do you live with chronic pain? 


We often get side tracked with "weight loss" and end up hurting ourselves trying to do too much too soon but with my guidance, you will learn how to strengthen your body from the inside out.


Setting realistic goals and providing you with challenging but maintainable programs, you will have a newly found confidence in your body. Choosing exercises that work with your fitness level and lifestyle makes for manageable and realistic goals. 


If you've had physiotherapy due to an injury or accident or are just TIRED of aches and pains, restorative exercises will help you gain independence, knowledge and empowerment to move freely without hesitations of getting hurt (again!).


Restorative exercise is offered to all patients to provide education on basic health and exercise fundamentals by bringing awareness to conscious and unconscious movement and breath. This (re)training allows for optimal results when combined with osteopathic treatment. Stronger and smarter movements help to prevent repetitive strain injuries and develop proper postural habits for pain-free/pain-less daily activities.   

For men and women of ALL ages.

Train WELL, Train SMART. 


Life is ALL about ENDURANCE. Train NOW for your future health.

Corrective exercise helps to strengthen your 

intrinsic (postural) muscles to assist in alleviating 

pain in the musculoskeletal system.