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Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes, the hardest part is making the FIRST appointment! 

Read below to learn what to expect at Milton Osteopathy & Wellness.

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WHO do I treat?


I have chosen to focus my time on build strong clinical skills and in-depth knowledge in particular areas to be the most effective for you. I'm in a continuous state of learning and welcome the experiences that challenge my thinking and push me to see things from different angles. My current areas of focus are;


  • Scar Tissue: Postoperative surgeries, laparoscopic, c-sections 

  • Pre & Postnatal Women: edema, pelvic health rehab, overall wellness

  • Newborns: colic, reflux, constipation, feeding and sleep issues

  • Children & Teenagers: mental health; anxiety/depression, body awareness, growing pain

WHAT Treatment Modalities are used?


  • Craniosacral

  • Visceral (organs)

  • Myofascial Therapy (soft tissue focus)

  • Rhythmical oscillatory movements

  • Breath work

  • Compression and distraction techniques for both tissues and joints 

WHEN are treatments scheduled?


After your initial assessment and follow-up visit, we work on a treatment plan. Where you are today, where you'd like to be in a year it comes down to what your needs are, how long you've been in pain, what other steps you're taking to remedy your concerns, your body's vitality and ability to maintain changes etc. With open communication and the combination of osteopathic treatment, movement therapy and/or other therapies (massage, acupuncture, naturopathy etc), we will find what works best for you.

WHY choose Milton Osteopathy?


Milton Osteopathy offers a holistic (meaning not just your physical pain is acknowledged), compassionate and fun environment to learn and heal in. As Milton Osteopathy continues to grow, always know you'll receive individualized one on one attention during your treatments, phone and email communication and an open-minded individual at your disposal to express your concerns to. 

  • Individualized Treatments: non-invasive, interconnection of the whole body, mind intertwined in your story

  • EDUCATION: long term results rely on understanding your own body

  • Movement Therapy: learning or re-learning how to move without anticipating feeling pain

  • Time: healing is a process not an event. Allowing time for the body to adjust in sessions and between treatments offers a gentle approach to creating change 

  • Non-judgmental: breastfeed or don't, use medication or don't, use supplements or don't - there is no one way to do anything - just YOUR way


HOW do I help?


I've build my practice on the philosophies that osteopathy is founded on. 

  • Everything is connected: the shoulder to the hip, the hip to the colon or the back pain to mental stress. Thoughts create physical pain, and physical pain creates thoughts

  • Pain is the body's way of protecting, not to hurt: helping the body feel safe, calming the nervous system, reeducating movement patterns

  • Giving space to breathe: life's busy, so is your brain - you can't heal in a state of angst. Breath work has a physiological effect on the nervous system that allows healing to take place more efficiently

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Complimentary Consultation

Booking a phone call gives you the opportunity to see if myself and osteopathy are what you are looking for. Sometimes we don't know what questions to ask and that's okay. Let me help you find the answers to questions you might not have thought of in the first place! No obligation to book.  


Your First Visit


You'll be required to fill out a health history prior to this visit to ensure you're safe to treat. (Parents will be required to fill out a separate form for their child(ren) who are being treated.)


During your first visit, we talk. You're given time to share what you'd like with me about your past and present symptoms. Whether you've seen numerous practitioners and doctors or if I'm the first, your story will have a change to be told.


Be sure to bring a copy of relevant medical records and/or imaging reports with you to this visit.


A hands on assessment will be done to your joints and tissues to help evaluate areas that maybe involved with your pain symptoms. Once I have a structural diagnosis from assessing active and passive movements, I will start connecting the dots and create a picture of the imbalances and how they may be affecting one another. 

Subsequent Treatments

All follow up treatments will consist of a discussion about progress and reason for the visit. An assessment will be done each visit for me to gauge how the body is integrating prior treatments. Depending on the body's needs, treatments may be scheduled one every week at the start to allow for correction and reinforcement to take place. However, the goal is to spread them out to give the body time to heal and allow the treatment to do its work. We will discuss the following and create a treatment plan together. 

What do I Wear?


Please come wearing your most comfortable clothes! Not only will this allow for easy movement, but you will be relaxed too. Jogging/yoga pants and t-shirt with socked feet is common attire for your treatment. You will not be removing any clothing. All treatments are performed fully clothed. 

How many treatments will I need?


There's not a set number of treatments as every patient requires a unique combination of treatment, movement and rest. After your initial visit, 2-3 treatments are booked 1-2 weeks apart. Modifications are made as progression and set-backs occur. Some conditions/symptoms respond quicker to treatment, while others need more time to adjust to the changes. There are things that influence your treatment plan and most have to do with your daily habits. For example, your diet, current medications, how active you are (too much/little), your profession and personal activities, activities of daily living along with stress and sleep habits. Other factors that play a role in results are; how long it's been there, your constitution (how well your body is able to compensate for dysfunctions and adapt to the changes brought on by treatment) and how much you are open to making small modifications and changes to your current lifestyle. 

How Will I Feel After My Osteopathic Appointment?


You may experience some minor discomfort or aggravation of your symptoms in the first 24-72 hours. When change occurs within the body, it has to incorporate the new position often asking muscles that haven't been doing their job to work again. You know your body best so if you're concerned about what you are experiencing, let me know - I'm open to a conversation to help you feel safe and comfortable. 

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